Our Values;

Taen Technology, is a team of highly skilled individuals working together to create business outsourcing solutions that our clients needs. Different from the other players in the industry, the team of TAEN offers solutions primarily focusing on Business Process Outsourcing and Media Management.

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Our team of experienced marketers and restauranteurs combined their strengths to offer marketing outsourcing solutions for your business. We pride ourselves on an analytic & strategic approach, an innovative team with a flexible schedule. All while still providing competitive pricing and personalized attention to ensure long-term mutual growth.

How do we ensure quality?

At TAEN, we take pride in delivering high-quality marketing and outsourcing services to our clients. Our team of experts follows a rigorous quality control process to ensure that every aspect of our work meets the highest standards of excellence.


Marketing Is Simple

One of the things that we have noticed along the way was that, just like every individual, the needs of every single company are different. That's why you and your company is acompanied just like it would in Hospitality Business. 

Yet Requires Delicacy 

Understanding you and your company, asking important questions along the way, helps us ensure that you get the best possible service. Anything ranging from one time tasks to becoming a part of your daily operation.

Valuing Quality Over Anything

We know that the most important part our business is the happiness of our clients. That's why we put you, above all else, so you can keep focusing on the bigger picture.


Daily task or a project, feedbacks are always welcomed. So we can provide better services for you, starting from now.

Our Values;

In our minds, placing success above all else comes higher than anything else. This why we're committed to provide marketing outsourcing services while maintaining attention and committed employees to ensure that you receive the service that you deserve.

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